C++ Exercises

Here are some exercises to hone your C++ Programming skills.

  1. Code Your First C++ Program
  2. Check If a Number is Odd or Even in C++
  3. Check If a Character Is a Consonant or A Vowel in C++
  4. Checking For the Largest Number in C++
  5. Finding Roots of a Quadratic Equation in C++
  6. Adding Natural Numbers in C++
  7. Calculate Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) in C++
  8. Check For Leap Year in C++
  9. Calculate Factorial in C++
  10. Create Multiplication Table in C++
  11. Printing Fibonacci Series in C++
  12. Swapping Variables in C++
  13. Calculating Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) in C++
  14. Reversing Numbers in C++
  15. Compute Exponent of a Number in C++
  16. Overloading Increment and Decrement Operators Using Class in C++
  17. Using Structure To Display and Store Information in C++
  18. Coding a Basic Calculator in C++
  19. Adding Distances in Inches and Feet in C++
  20. Determining Character Frequency In a String In C++
  21. Checking Prime Numbers By Making Functions In C++
  22. Creating Patterns and Pyramids In C++
  23. Using Pointers to Access Array Elements in C++
  24. Copying Strings in C++
  25. Converting Octal Numbers to Binary Numbers and Vice Versa in C++
  26. Converting Decimal Numbers to Octal Numbers and Vice Versa in C++
  27. Converting Decimal Numbers to Binary Numbers and Vice Versa in C++
  28. Transpose a Matrix in C++
  29. Computing Standard Deviation In C++
  30. Computing Factorial by Recursion in C++
  31. Checking if a Number Is the Sum of Two Prime Numbers In C++
  32. Checking if A Number is An Armstrong/Narcissistic Number in C++
  33. Checking if a Number is a Prime Number in C++
  34. Checking for a Palindrome In C++
  35. Calculating Power by Recursion in C++
  36. Calculating HCF By Recursion in C++
  37. Adding Natural Numbers By Recursion in C++
  38. Multiplying Numbers In C++
  39. Subtracting Complex Numbers With Overloaded Operators In C++
  40. Use Recursion to Reverse Sentences in C++
  41. Using Arrays to Calculate Average of Numbers in C++
  42. Saving Student Information In a Structure In C++
  43. Determining Blank Spaces, Digits, Consonants, and Vowels In a String in C++
  44. Determining Size of a String In C++
  45. Finding The Biggest Array Element in C++
  46. Joining Two Strings In C++
  47. Multiplying Matrices With User-Defined Functions in C++
  48. Print Prime Numbers Between Intervals In C++
  49. Printing All Armstrong/Narcissistic Numbers In an Interval In C++
  50. Printing All Factors of a Number in C++
  51. Printing All Prime Numbers Between two Intervals With Functions In C++
  52. Removing Characters Except Alphabets From a String in C++
  53. Sorting Elements in Lexicographical Order in C++
  54. Using Functions to Add Complex Numbers in C++
  55. Using Multi Dimensional Arrays For Multiplication of Two Matrices in C++
  56. Using Multi-Dimensional Arrays to Compute Sum of Two Matrices in C++
  57. Using Reference Calling, Swap Numbers in Cyclic Order In C++
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