Calculating Power by Recursion in C++


Write a C++ program that uses recursive functions to calculate power.

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int power(int, int);
int main()
    int num, p, ans;
    cout << "Insert a positive number: ";
    cin >> num;
    cout << "Insert the power of the number: ";
    cin >> p;
    ans = power(num, p);            
    // pow(num,p) is a pre-defined function available in C++
    cout << num << "^" << p << " = " << ans;
    return 0;
int power(int num, int p)
    if (p != 0)
    return (num*power(num, p-1));
    return 1;
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Insert a positive number: 3
Insert the power of the number: 4
3^4 = 81
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  • User is requested to enter a positive integer. It is stored as a variable num. The user is requested to enter the power and it is saved as p.
  • The pow () function is used calculate the power of num and the answer is stored in a variable as ans.
  • A recursive function power ( ) is created.
  • The recursive function is called in the main () function.
  • Output is displayed on the screen.