Saving Student Information In a Structure In C++


Write a C++ program that allows the user to store student information in a structure.

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
struct stdinfo
    char name[50];
    float marks;
    int rollno;
int main() 
    stdinfo i;
    cout << "Student's information" << endl;
    cout << "\nInsert name: ";
    cin >>;
    cout << "Insert roll number: ";
    cin >> i.rollno;
    cout << "Insert marks: ";
    cin >> i.marks;
    cout << "\nDisplaying Information:" << endl;
    cout << "Name: " << << endl;
    cout << "Roll no: " << i.rollno << endl;
    cout << "Marks: " << i.marks << endl;
    return 0;
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Student's information

Insert name: john
Insert roll number: 1234
Insert marks: 89

Displaying Information:
Name: john
Roll no: 1234
Marks: 89
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  • 3 variables are initialized. The char type variable name [50]. This string can contain up to 50 elements for the name. A float type variable marks is used to store student’s score and an int type variable rollno for roll number.
  • A structure is stdinfo is created and a variable for the structure i is created.
  • The student is asked to enter the name, roll number, and marks and they’re stored in i, structure variable.
  • The student data is printed onto the screen.
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