Calculate Average Using Arrays in Java


Write a Java Program to Calculate Average Using Arrays.

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public class AverageCalculator 
         public static void main(String[] args) {
         double[] numArray = { 78.9, 61.3, -32.4, 12.89, 37.8, 98.7 };
         double sum = 0.0;
         for (double num: numArray) {
            sum += num;
         double average = sum / numArray.length;
         System.out.format("The average is: %.2f", average);
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The average is: 42.87
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  • This program depicts the usage of arrays in calculating average of floating point values.
  • In the following code, decimal numbers (floating values) are being stored in an array declared as numArray ={ 78.9, 61.3, -32.4, 12.89, 37.8, 98.7 }
  • The process for calculating average inculcates taking sum of the given numbers in the first place.
  • Sum is being calibrated here by employing for-each loop, which takes up values from the array one by one and adds the results to ‘sum’ in each iteration.
  • Once the sum is calculated, the resultant value is divided by the number of elements that exist in the array.
  • To calculate number of elements in ‘numArray’, function ‘numArray.length’ comes into play.
  • The value after division is stored in ‘average’ variable, and the result is displayed after being rounded off up to 2 decimal points i.e. 42.87.