Calculate the Power of a Number Using Recursion in Java


Write a Java Program to calculate the power of a number using recursion.

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public class PowerCalculator {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
         int base = 4, powerRaised = 3;
         int result = power(base, powerRaised);
         System.out.printf("%d^%d = %d", base, powerRaised, result);
     public static int power(int base, int powerRaised) {
         if (powerRaised != 0)
         return (base * power(base, powerRaised - 1));
         return 1;
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4^3 = 64
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  • This program employs recursion method to calibrate exponent of a given number.
  • The function power() in the following program, accepts two arguments: ‘base’ and ‘powerRaised’. Variables are self explanatory here.
  • The function keeps taking product of the given number with itself, according to times provided by ‘powerRaised’ variable.
  • In the program the number whose power is to be calculated is ‘4’ as ‘base’ and the power to which it is to be raised is ‘3’. This implies that ‘4’ has to be multiplied with itself ‘3’ times.
  • During first iteration, the return value for the function is “power(4, 3) = 4 *4*$ result 2nd iteration.”
  • In second iteration, the resultant value requires result from the upcoming iteration and so on.
  • When the value of ‘powerRaised’ parameter becomes ‘0’, during 5th iteration, the ‘if’ statement becomes ‘false’ and ‘else’ statement is executed returning ‘1’.
  • The resultant value is of the following form (4*4*4= 64).