Compare Two Strings in Java


Write a Java Program to compare two strings.

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public class CompareTwoStrings {
     public static void main(String[] args) {
         String style = new String("Java");
         String style2 = new String("Javascript");
             System.out.println("Not Equal");
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Not Equal
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  • This program deals with the comparison between two strings by employing equals() method.
  • In comparison with the previous example, strings in this example are produced by employing String constructor.
  • In the if condition equals () method takes style2 string as an argument, and is called upon style to compare the contents.  
  • In the previous example, referencing was being compared instead of actual contents.
  • The console displays ‘Equal’ if the contents of strings are identical and ‘Not Equal’ otherwise.
  • The Output is ‘ Not Equal’ as the contents of both strings are not identical.
  • Output would have been “ Equal”, if both strings were identical.

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