Convert a String into the InputStream in Java


Write a Java Program to convert a string into the input stream.

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public class Main {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        try {

            // file input.txt is loaded as input stream
            // input.txt file contains:
            // This is a content of the file input.txt
            InputStream input = new FileInputStream("input.txt");
            System.out.println("Data in the file: ");

            // Reads the first byte
            int i =;
            while(i != -1) {

            // Reads next byte from the file
              i =;
        catch(Exception e) {
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 Data in the file: 
 This is a content of the file input.txt.
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  • This program depicts the usage of FileInputStream class for the purpose of loading the contents of a file as an input stream.
  • First step to load the input stream is to instantiate an object of FileInputStream class.
  • Instantiation process includes, passing a file name to the constructor.
  • Then move on to storing these bytes of input into an object of InputStream class type.
  • Before displaying the contents of the file, we have to make sure that the file isn’t empty.
  • Therefore, first byte of the file is checked, if it tends to be equal to negative 1 then the file is empty.
  • Otherwise, the loop continues and the bytes of contents are read one by.
  • Once the contents are displayed, file is closed.

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