Print Object of a Class in Java


Write a Java Program to print object of a class.

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class TestClass {
public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

        // create an object of the Testclass
        TestClass obj = new TestClass();

        // print the object
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  • This program will help in understanding the method of printing the value of a class object.
  • In the following example we have created a TestClass, which does not contain any method initially.
  •  In the Main method, we instantiate an object of TestClass.
  • But when we try to print this object, although no error occurs, the type of the value turns out to be in hash-code form.
  • As the default format employed by toString() method is in hash-code.
  • Therefore, we require overriding technique to convert the return type into string format.
  • This time we create our own toString() method in TestClass and override it using @Override key word.
  • The return value will be object- a string, now.

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