Remove All White Spaces from a String in Java


Write a Java Program to remove all white spaces from a string.

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public class WhitespacesRemover {
         public static void main(String[] args) {
         String sent = "T    his is t h  e  b  est     web s  ite.";
         System.out.println("Original sentence: " + sent);
         sent = sent.replaceAll("\\s", "");
         System.out.println("After replacement: " + sent);
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Original sentence: T    his is t h  e  b  est     web s  ite.
 After replacement: Thisisthebestwebsite.
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  • In this program, for omitting and replacing all the occurrences of the white space characters in a string, the string method called replaceAll() has been utilized.
  • In order to encompass all forms of white space characters, a regular expression \\s has been used so that spaces, tabs, new line characters etc. are all inclusive to this approach. After that, these chosen characters are replaced with empty strings “” to eliminate any space character present in the string.
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