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Introduction to C++

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C++: Compilation Errors

Yasin Cakal 20 Nov 2021
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The compiler is our first shield to pick errors. It can pick two error types:

  • Type erros: Errors occuring due to a mismatch between declared variable types.
  • Syntax errors: When the C++ syntax rules are violated, these errors occur.

Let’s go through some examples of type errors:

  • Storing different information in a mismatched variable type
  • Not declaring a variable before using it in the codes

Some examples of Syntax error types are:

  • Not adding one side of the included parenthesis ( ), { }, and [ ].
  • Not adding a semicolon ; after the statement ends in the code.

The compiler then states the line number where the error appeared to make it easier to identify and solve the error.


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