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Introduction to C++

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C++: Hello World!

Yasin Cakal 26 Oct 2021
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The programs for the C++ language are stored in files with .cpp extension, which is an acronym for ‘C Plus Plus.’ Everyone entering the programming world starts with a greeting, and this greeting is displayed through a terminal.

Now, what is a terminal? It is a panel where we can see the output of the programs we’re trying to execute. The code entered in the text editor, when executed, displays its output on the terminal. For your first program, let’s print Hello, World! on to the terminal.

To begin, enter the following code into your text editor and check the terminal for output.

#include <iostream>

int main()
    std::cout<<"Hello, World!";


Hello, World!

Congratulations! You just executed your first program.

Let’s move on to the topics ahead to understand what this code was about.

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