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Introduction to C++

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C++: Inputs from Users

Yasin Cakal 6 Nov 2021
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As we learned earlier, we also use variables to take inputs from the program users. Now, how to do that?

We take inputs from the users using a standard input stream written as cin. This is pronounced as see-in. The operands that follow cin are >> which are different from the ones used for cout<<.

Let’s try using this in a program:

#include <iostream>

int main() 
	int year;
	std::cout<<"When were you born?\n";
	std::cout<<"I was born in "<<year;
	return 0;


When were you born?
I was born in 1990

Let’s understand what this code does.

  • The terminal first displays the sentence When were you born? to give the user information of what kind of input is required from the user.
  • The user then inputs a value which is shown in the terminal as the user types it. In this case, the user types 1990.
  • Then terminal then prints the line I was born in 1990 where 1990 is the input from the user.


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