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Before starting with the first Python program, it is crucial to download the relevant interpreter for the desktop.

The articles related to Python will use Python 3, as it is the latest update and is devoid of many pertinent problems of the previous versions, although Python 2 is still used widely. Working with Python 3 will pose no issues when trying to comprehend the codes of Python 2.

For the installation of Python 3 interpreter, open https://www.python.org/downloads/. The top of the webpage will demonstrate the apt version. This article will help download version 3.6.1. Click on “Download Python 3.6.1” to initiate the process.   

To download some other version, scroll down to find the entire list. Select the release version of your requirements to be redirected to that specific version’s download page.

Scroll down to the page’s end to find a table that lists different installers for that version and select the apt one based on the computer. Two parameters determine the qualified installer:  

  1. The operating system (Windows, Mac OS, or Linux) and
  2. The processor (32-bit vs. 64-bit).

For those using a 64-bit Windows computer, the “Windows x86-64 executable installer” is appropriate. To download it, click on the link. In case a wrong installer is downloaded, an error message pops up, and the interpreter is not installed. After the correct installer is downloaded, the first program can be created.