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Python: Comments

Yasin Cakal 3 Oct 2021
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Oddly, we will demonstrate how to instruct a computer to ignore a program section. A comment is a text that is written in a program but is not executed by the computer. Python considers anything following a # to be a comment.

Comments can help contextualize why something is written in a particular way, as shown below:

# This variables holds the number of cards in a deck.
deck_count = 52

Comments can assist other people reading the code in understanding it more quickly, as shown below:

# This code calculates the area of a rectangle

Comments allow for the omission of a line of code and the evaluation of how the program will run without it, as shown below:

# The code below has an error, it needs to be fixed:
# calculate_rectangle_area()

# But, the following code runs perfectly fine:
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