Swift: Checking For Elements

Checking Elements from Swift’s Set:

The .contains() method can be used to check whether or not an element exists within a set in Swift.

To find an element within a set, we can use the following syntax:


  • The expression returns true if the item exists in the set.
  • The expression returns false if the item does not exist in the set.

Assume we’re throwing a party. Let’s make a set for all of the cold drinks we have in the house right now:

var coldDrinks: Set = ["Coca-Cola", "Mountain Dew", "Diet Coke", "Sprite"];

We’re about to go shopping and want to know if we already have "Fanta" or if we need to buy more. We can use the following if/else statement as our conditional with coldDrinks.contains("Fanta"):

if coldDrinks.contains("Fanta") {
  print("We don't require any more Fanta.");
} else {
  print("Let's buy more Fanta.");

// Prints: Let's buy more Fanta.

Helpful Tools:

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