Swift: Combining Logical Operators

Combining Logical Operators in Swift:

Swift allows us to chain logical operators like &&, ||, and ! to make longer, more complex compound expressions. Combining logical operators in Swift helps us to solve many problems.

Consider the following if statement, which uses the && and || operators as part of its condition:

var Sunday = true; 
var Holiday = true; 
var Work = false;
if Sunday && Work || Holiday {
  print("Have fun!"); 
} else {
  print("Do your work!"); 
// Prints: Have fun!

When the values of Sunday and Work are combined with the && operator, the result is false. This value is then used to execute the expression false OR Holiday, which returns true. As a result, the entire condition is true, and the first code block is run.

The && operator is more important than the || operator. This rule tells our program to run the &&-containing expression first, then use the result to calculate the rest of the expression.

Rearranging the previous condition like this would result in Sunday && Work still executing first.

Holiday || Sunday && Work

For more information on operator precedence in Swift, see this documentation.

Helpful Tools:

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