Swift: Declare a Variable

Declare a Variable in Swift:

Assume we’re taking a test and want to keep track of the student’s name, their marks (which range from 0 to 10), grade, and so on. For this purpose declare a variable in Swift.

We must declare or create a variable before we can utilise it.

So, to declare a marks variable and set it to 0, we must write:

var marks = 0;
  • var is a variable declaration keyword.
  • marks is the name of the variable.
  • = is the assignment operator.
  • 0 is the value of the variable.

A single equal symbol = in Swift indicates to “assign” values (not compare). We’ve given the marks variable a value of 0 in the code above.

As a result, we can now print the variable marks value.


//Output : 0

Note: Variable names should be written in camelCase format.

Helpful Tools:

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