Swift: insert and remove Methods

insert and remove Methods in Swift:

Let’s discuss insert and remove Methods in Swift in detail.

We learned how to add an item to the array’s end previously, but what about the middle or even the start? What’s the best way to remove an item?

Let’s say we have an array:

var names = ["Tom", "Jack", "Tim", "Joe"];

The .insert() method can be used to insert an item into an array at a specific index.

names.insert("Mick", at: 1);

// ["Tom", "Mick", "Jack", "Tim", "Joe"];

The .insert() method takes two values:

  • The value to be inserted.
  • The at: and the index of the insertion.

As a result, the code above added "Mick" to index 1.

Now call the array’s .remove() method to remove an item from the array:

names.remove(at: 2);

//["Tom", "Mick", "Tim", "Joe"]

The .remove() method only takes in one value, at: and the index of removal.

As a result, the code above removed "Jack" from index 2.

Helpful Tools:

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