Swift: Iterating Through a Set

Iterating Through a Set in Swift:

A forin loop can be used to iterate through each value in a set in Swift.

We can use the following syntax to iterate over every item in a set:

for Value in setName {
  // Body of loop

Assume we’re baking a cake. Let’s make a set that contains all of the ingredients for baking a cake:

var cake: Set = [" Butter", "Eggs", "Vanilla Extract","Baking Powder", "Milk", "Sugar"];

We can use a forin loop to print() all of the necessary ingredients:

for Allingredient in cake {

The value of the current iteration is stored in our placeholder, Allingredient. When we run this code, we should get something like the following output:

Baking Powder
Vanilla Extract

Because sets are unordered, the output may differ each time we run our code.

Helpful Tools:

Here are some useful tools to help you along your journey!

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