Swift: Logical NOT Operator

Logical NOT Operator in Swift:

The logical NOT operator in Swift is a prefix operator that negates or reverses the Boolean value of its operand. When the operand is true, it returns false, and when the operand is false, it returns true.

The ! operator, unlike the && and || operators, only works on a single value.

Assume the variables below have Boolean values.

let x = false;
let y = true;

When you add the ! operator to both values, you get the opposite Boolean:

print(!x); // Prints: true 
print(!y); // Prints: false 

If an expression is enclosed in parentheses, the ! operator can also be used to negate the value of that expression. The logic within the parentheses is first executed, then negated in the following example.

print(!(true && true)); // Prints: false 

Because true && true results in true and !true results in  false, the result will be false.

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