Swift: Removing Elements

Removing Elements from Swift’s Set:

We can use .remove() to remove or delete an element from a set in Swift.

With the following syntax, this function can delete a single item from a set:


Let’s go back to the prior exercise’s set Library:

var Library: Set = ["Caraval", "Speak", "Cinder", "Insurgent"];

Unfortunately, we misplaced the "Caraval" book, and it is no longer available. We may use the following code to delete this value from the Library using .remove():


If we tried to delete a value from the set Library that didn’t exist, such as "Divergent", the set would be unaffected.

We may use the .removeAll() function to remove every single element from a set. The syntax for it is as follows:


Assume we are relocating our book collection. Removing all of the values from Library looks like this:


If we print the value of Library after removing all the values, we get the following:


Helpful Tools:

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